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中山醫學大學台灣語文學系Department of Taiwanese Languages
Tai-Oan-Gi-Bun-Hak-He ~台文系歡迎您的光臨~




Our curriculum contains three areas of study:

1. Taiwanese languages: all students are required to learn both the Holo and the Hakka languages, which are the two major dialects spoken in now.

2. Taiwanese literature: courses are offered for both textual reading and theoretical study about classical and popular works related to , especially those written in Taiwanese.

3. Taiwanese culture: our focuses are on cultural history, folk culture, cultural theory, cultural creativity, etc.

The freshman year is mostly for common required courses, general knowledge education courses, and basic introductory courses.  The sophomore year is mainly for fundamental literary and cultural courses as well as courses about literary periods or genres.  The junior year is mainly for elective courses on special topics related to Taiwanese language, literature and culture.  And the senior year is mainly for theory courses or courses related to the application of theory or any other practical expertise.